carolsOnce again Addiscombe can hail the arrival of Christmas at the ever-popular Glamorgan, the finest local gastro pub in Croydon. Situated on the corner of Cherry Orchard Road and Cross Road, The Glamorgan played host to the awesome musical finale on the evening of the recent and much acclaimed Cherry Orchard Arts Fest.

Saturday 15th December 2012 sees the return of Carols By Candlelight, a charming free event bringing the community together to sing carols, both ancient and modern, over a glass or two of mulled wine and with a warming mince pie.


Carols By Candlelight
from 7pm
The Glamorgan
81 Cherry Ochard Road
East Croydon

A little over three months ago, five enthusiastic, dedicated and tireless residents of Addiscombe mulled over whether something could be done to draw out and showcase local artistic talent, wanting to create an event which would effortlessly engage all members of the local community.

Susan and Mike Oliver, Christopher Matthews, James Hogg and Oscar Dahling established the Cherry Orchard Arts Fest, to be staged in business and community venues along the length of Cherry Orchard Road. The concept received immediate support, business owners readily prepared to hand over their premises for the day for artists to exhibit in and for musicians to perform. The ARK Oval Primary Academy was also wholly supportive, giving over indoor exhibition and outdoor performance space and encouraging children from the school to actively participate in the event.

Regeneration specialists Menta generously agreed to sponsor the whole event, confirming their ongoing commitment with the local community in Addiscombe and East Croydon. Menta also agreed for an urban street mural by community group Positive Arts to be created on the hoarding of their development site. Menta also welcomed the installation of the international art project “Before I Die” inspired by the celebrated urban artist, Candy Chang. As in other major cities and towns world-wide, visitors will be encouraged to share their hopes, aspirations and dreams on this living wall.

What else to expect? Big bands, including the Salvation Army Band, Pandemic Steel Orchestra and an open drum session on the Knollys House forecourt; seventeen great local artists, including internationally acclaimed photographer John  Benton-Harris; live poetry recitals from Poets Anonymous, show-stopping numbers from Croydon Operatic and Dramatic Arts group CODA and the charming YouTube sensation, accordionist Alexa Sage. And that’s just for the day! Later, expect an amazing evening performance of live music and improvised comedy at The Glamorgan, headlined by the awesome gypsy jazz band, Ultraswing.

And its all for free. And its all for the community.

Art in Addiscombe? Culture and community on Cherry Orchard Road? Definitely!

Full details of artists, musicians, poets, performers and venue locations are on the printable map below.

Apathy in Addiscombe has had its day. Last Saturday, despite miserable wet weather, spirits were high as local residents and businesses seized the chance to make a change, uniting together, eager to promote our area. Cherries Cafe seemed to be serving a double dose of enthusiasm in their excellent coffee, firing our energy for the long day that lay ahead.

The day started with new connections, drawing people from the various parts of Addiscombe together, some of whom had only ever met before through the various hard-working residents associations, but the day was all about working together for Addiscombe.

Combining the practical with the pleasurable, we set off on a five-mile route, not only picking litter but also discovering the hidden gems of Addiscombe. Anne Bridge of Canning & Clyde Road Residents Association imparted nuggets of historical and local interest: the flat where Croydon’s first Olympic medallist, Paul Nihill, lived; the sites of the East India Company’s professors’ cottages, gymnasium and military parade ground; the masonic almshouses of Davidson Road and Clyde Hall, home to Surrey Opera.

The Sir Philip Game Centre, tucked a little out of sight in Morland Avenue, had open doors, filled with children and judo enthusiasts celebrating the annual Croydon Judo Club awards. The SPG Centre is the residence of the Croydon Judo Club and also provides a weekly Friday night youth club, as well as Sunday night Aikido and other activities throughout the week.

Addiscombe In Action were pleased to be joined by our local Croydon Central Member of Parliament, Gavin Barwell,  who saw for himself the excellent work the Centre provides and said of the day’s events:

I had a great time at the Addiscombe In Action day on Saturday. It’s clear that a lot of work went into showcasing some great projects going on in that part of our town and the organisers should be commended. Local people working together for the benefit of their community should always be encouraged and I’ll be doing everything I can to support their fantastic work in the future.

The sun broke through on arrival at The Addiscombe Railway Park, where more residents were waiting, keen to take part in the day. Richard Ogden briefly outlined the history of the newly formed railway park and spoke of the work undertaken by volunteers, emphasising the need for further assistance. Jonathan Moore revealed his own hidden guerilla garden, where he grows lavender in redundant railway crucibles, among vegetables and, on the day, a multitude of lively snails. The walkabout followed the Railway Park route to its end and onto The CHASE Residents Association Summer Fayre, where we were once again joined by Gavin Barwell, MP.

The Addiscombe In Action Walkabout is the start of things to come for Addiscombe, having all agreed that we love where we live and we all share the same desire to improve where we live. Our next venture is the Cherry Orchard Arts Fest,  scheduled for late October 2012. We are seeking local artists, musicians, performers and poets to bring their creativity to the streets of Addiscombe, to enliven Cherry Orchard Road and our community. For further details contact Susan Oliver at cherryorchardarts@yahoo.co.uk or call 07951 366 143.

On Saturday 21st April this year, residents, businesses, and residents associations all met together and shared their aspirations and experiences of living in Addiscombe & East Croydon.


 As a result, we identified a desire to:

  • Meet more of the residents and local businesses of Addiscombe & East Croydon
  • Take action on local issues where there may be a perception of a problem (graffiti/litter)
  • Promote community and arts events in Addiscombe & East Croydon
  • Encourage community groups to work together
  • Establish community cohesion
  • Embrace the regeneration of East Croydon

A walkabout of the ward was organised for Saturday 14th July as a next step to unite local groups under the banner of Addiscombe in Action.

Cherries Cafe 129 Cherry Orchard Road

Cherries Cafe 129 Cherry Orchard Road

The day will start at 9 am with breakfast at Cherries Café, Cherry Orchard Road, where neighbours can meet and share their thoughts about what matters most in Addiscombe.  We will then walk through part of the ward, identifying possible problems where direct action can be taken.

The Sir Philip Game Centre

The Sir Philip Game Centre

We will then proceed to a picnic lunch from 1.30 pm at   The Sir Philip Game Centre, to join their annual fun day and barbecue, in order to see some of the excellent work that the centre does with young people in our local area.

The Sir Philip Game Centre will have demonstrations of aikido and it will be a good opportunity to see the superb facilities of  Croydon Judo Club.

The afternoon’s events will centre on the Addiscombe Railway Park at 3 pm, where Friends of the park will be delivering a short talk about their work and aims in this often overlooked green space.  

After, we will join our friends at the CHASE Residents Association Summer Fayre at 4.30 pm at Beverley Hall, Grant Road.

The aim of the day is to get locals working and talking together in our community. It is open to all ages, families, businesses and residents alike. Please join us for the whole day, or opt to drop in at any point to any of the sessions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on 07749246146 throughout the day and follow us on Twitter @Addiscombevoice

Residents for Regeneration were delighted Croydon Council agreed with the informed decision of local planning officers in finally granting planning permission for the application on 21st July 2011. Many local residents saw this as being the single most important decision for the regeneration and improvement of Addiscombe and East Croydon.

After the withdrawn application of 2009 and throughout the subsequent public consultations, key priorities were highlighted by residents who saw the application as a positive opportunity for change. Many residents wanted public realm improvements in the vicinity of the development, especially in and around the proposed new entrance to East Croydon station, as well as wanting to see the existing station entrance upgraded.

Seeking the views od local residents

Menta Consultation

Others residents identified the opportunity for the provision of a Car Club and improved public transport connections and taxi drivers working at East Croydon station sought reassurance the taxi ranking would be safeguarded and improved. Residents closest to the site who were concerned about the impact on parking demanded that new residents of the proposed tower would not be granted parking permits.

The consultations also highlighted an aspiration for the provision of a new community centre, at the heart of East Croydon, to serve the local community and many residents demonstrated a desire for a  new open green space with play facilities for children and families. Across the board, people insisted on quality both in the design and the execution of the buildings, especially with regard to the quality of the residential tower and the affordable housing.

As part of the planning permission, Croydon Council have secured a substantial financial pledge from the developers, Menta, in the form of a Section 106 agreement. The Section 106 agreement recognises the most important and commonly shared needs of local residents which were identified throughout the consultations and highlighted above. The Section 106 agreement guarantees a financial committment to improved public realm and public transport, a better station,  safeguarding existing residents parking and taxi provision, provision of a Car Club, new play space and ensures that world-class architects Make remain the architects of the scheme, ensuring the highest quality in the build.

It is throughout the consultations that residents have the opportunity to identify local needs and desires, to get the most for the local community from the proposed development and it is when the basis of any Section 106 agreement is formed. This is the key opportunity for local elected ward representatives to help establish these needs and to fight to secure future provision for these needs. Those who have always recognised the enormous benefits of the application believe key opportunities may have been missed by our elected ward representatives, who appeared to devote more time in opposing the application than seeking to work to ensure it delivered the best deal for the whole of Addiscombe and East Croydon.

Residents for Regeneration are pleased that local residents’ associations are now showing a willingness to work together with us,  to ensure the delivery of the many benefits and safeguards secured by the Section 106 agreement and to reap the benefits of the enormous local regeneration.  To this end, community group RECC (Revitalising East Croydon Communities) are hosting a drop-in session for local residents who share the common goal of wanting to ensure the Menta development delivers the best for our collective communities in Addiscombe and East Croydon.

Saturday 21st April
St. Mary Magdalene Hall
Canning Road
2:00 -5:30pm

The Brothers of MotherShovelFollowing the massive success of last year’s benefit gig held at The Glamorgan pub and the Carols By Candlelight community event, we continue to work to further the sense of community in and around East Croydon.

The two previous events were a massive success. The first finally raised over £2000 for the local TV shop wrecked by the riots last summer, whilst the free Christmas event drew residents to pack their local pub to unite in the true spirit of Christmas.

The Glamorgan, Cherry Orchard Road

The Glamorgan, Cherry Orchard Road

On the evening of Saturday 14th April, Residents for Regeneration will be hosting a free gig at the ever popular Glamorgan Pub, Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon. Popular local band Brothers Of Mothershovel will once again perform their unique anarchic music.

We aim to support and raise awareness of the   Sir Philip Game Centre, Morland Avenue, Addiscombe, which works with young people aged between 11 and 19 in the local area.  We hope this will provide another opportunity for people to come together and celebrate community spirit.

The Sir Philip Game Centre

The Sir Philip Game Centre

              Brothers of Mothershovel                   
               from 7pm
               The Glamorgan
               81 Cherry Orchard Road
               East Croydon
               CR0 6BE

Following the recent success of the benefit gig held at The Glamorgan Pub, where over 140 local residents and businesses came together to support Residents For Regeneration in raising £1433 for a local shop affected by the August riots, we continue to work hard to further the sense of community in and around East Croydon.

On the evening of  Saturday December 10th Residents for Regeneration will be hosting “Carols By Candlelight” at the ever popular Glamorgan Pub, Cherry Orchard Road. We hope this will provide another opportunity for people to come together and celebrate not only Christmas but also be part of a traditional and joyful expression of community spirit.

Whether religious or not, all are welcome to bash out a few carols, munch on a mince-pie and to start the festive period with a glass or two of good local cheer.

Carols By Candlelight
from 7pm
The Glamorgan
81 Cherry Orchard Road
East Croydon


The riots of 8th August 2011 affected many Croydon businesses, large and small, and shocked all  local residents. Many of the people and businesses affected were widely reported in both local and national media and we all extended our sympathy and support to them. However, there were many other casualties of the night’s events which went unnoticed even though they, too, were seriously hit.

Roy Saunders returned to his small business, The TV Shop,  in Cherry Orchard Road on Tuesday morning to find the shutters had been ripped from their fixings, both display windows shattered and every piece of electrical stock had been stolen.  Over a five-hour period, from midnight onwards,  looters cold-heartedley returned time after time, helping themselves to stock and continuing to vandalise the premises.

Roy first started working at The TV Shop as an apprentice when he was fifteen, some forty-seven years ago. He later took the business on himself and continued to sell televisions and, unusually in a throw-away society, he remains one of those great small independent businesses where you can still have televisions and similar items repaired, personally and with friendly service. Roy and The TV Shop are those rare commodities that we all take for granted, which struggle to survive and yet are keystones to local communities.

Residents for Regeneration are disappointed that more has not been done by our local councillors to provide practical help to small shops like Roy’s, despite pledging to support local shopping parades. In the absence of forthcoming practical support Residents for Regeneration have organised a benefit gig to raise funds and show moral support to Roy, to help him get back on his feet and to remind him that the local community cares.

On the evening of  October 22, from 7pm, Croydon band The Brothers of Mothershovel have generously offered to perform live their own inimitable, somewhat anarchic but consummately charming  set at The Glamorgan pub on Cherry Orchard Road. Anchored at the heart of Cherry Orchard Road, it will provide local businesses and residents alike an opportunity to show support and help Roy regain his rightful place in the local community.

The Glamorgan
81 Cherry Orchard Road
East Croydon
020 8688 6333

Entrance at the door £5, all proceeds from entrance to Roy Saunders

‘Residents For Regeneration’ aims to provide a platform for an impartial view of the proposed redevelopment plans for East Croydon. As residents, we feel it is important to share information in a balanced way so we can all understand the proposed changes that could affect us all.

There are many benefits for local residents and businesses. These include:

Improved public open areas
A new two storey community centre
New entrance to East Croydon mainline railway station
Affordable housing on the derelict Cherry Orchard Gardens site
A pedestrian footbridge connecting Cherry Orchard Road to Central Croydon

Grade A start up offices
Independent small retail outlets
Iconic landmark private residential tower
A four star boutique hotel, with gym & recreational facilities.
Increased employment opportunities

This will be the first major investment East Croydon & Cherry Orchard Road has had in over thirty years.

To register your support to Croydon Council before 21st July 2011 please click here

Having lived in the area for many years we have always hoped that the area around along Cherry Orchard Road and East Croydon would improve. It sorely needs it, as anyone who makes that journey on foot each day knows too well. It is a bleak, uninteresting and depressing walk at the best of times during the day and, increasingly, feels more unsafe at night. The Cherry Orchard Gardens site has been empty since 2006,  boarded up, squatted and vandalised for the past few years and been an ugly eyesore acting as a bolt-hold for drug users and drug dealers. The small, unkept grassed area with the two tatty benches is littered with beer cans and rubbish, a constant reminder that this area is predominantly used by an increasing number of itinerant drunks.

This is where we all live. This is what we see each day. This is what greets us in the morning and we leave behind at night. It really should not be like this and nobody else has ever tried to change it over the past thirty years. This is why we are bothered.