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Having lived in the area for many years we have always hoped that the area around along Cherry Orchard Road and East Croydon would improve. It sorely needs it, as anyone who makes that journey on foot each day knows too well. It is a bleak, uninteresting and depressing walk at the best of times during the day and, increasingly, feels more unsafe at night. The Cherry Orchard Gardens site has been empty since 2006,  boarded up, squatted and vandalised for the past few years and been an ugly eyesore acting as a bolt-hold for drug users and drug dealers. The small, unkept grassed area with the two tatty benches is littered with beer cans and rubbish, a constant reminder that this area is predominantly used by an increasing number of itinerant drunks.

This is where we all live. This is what we see each day. This is what greets us in the morning and we leave behind at night. It really should not be like this and nobody else has ever tried to change it over the past thirty years. This is why we are bothered.


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