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The riots of 8th August 2011 affected many Croydon businesses, large and small, and shocked all  local residents. Many of the people and businesses affected were widely reported in both local and national media and we all extended our sympathy and support to them. However, there were many other casualties of the night’s events which went unnoticed even though they, too, were seriously hit.

Roy Saunders returned to his small business, The TV Shop,  in Cherry Orchard Road on Tuesday morning to find the shutters had been ripped from their fixings, both display windows shattered and every piece of electrical stock had been stolen.  Over a five-hour period, from midnight onwards,  looters cold-heartedley returned time after time, helping themselves to stock and continuing to vandalise the premises.

Roy first started working at The TV Shop as an apprentice when he was fifteen, some forty-seven years ago. He later took the business on himself and continued to sell televisions and, unusually in a throw-away society, he remains one of those great small independent businesses where you can still have televisions and similar items repaired, personally and with friendly service. Roy and The TV Shop are those rare commodities that we all take for granted, which struggle to survive and yet are keystones to local communities.

Residents for Regeneration are disappointed that more has not been done by our local councillors to provide practical help to small shops like Roy’s, despite pledging to support local shopping parades. In the absence of forthcoming practical support Residents for Regeneration have organised a benefit gig to raise funds and show moral support to Roy, to help him get back on his feet and to remind him that the local community cares.

On the evening of  October 22, from 7pm, Croydon band The Brothers of Mothershovel have generously offered to perform live their own inimitable, somewhat anarchic but consummately charming  set at The Glamorgan pub on Cherry Orchard Road. Anchored at the heart of Cherry Orchard Road, it will provide local businesses and residents alike an opportunity to show support and help Roy regain his rightful place in the local community.

The Glamorgan
81 Cherry Orchard Road
East Croydon
020 8688 6333

Entrance at the door £5, all proceeds from entrance to Roy Saunders


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